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Freedom Hills Ministries, Inc. is a nonprofit organization and exists as an arm of the church of Jesus Christ to glorify God in all things through Him. Our purpose is to equip believers through biblically-based counseling and training so they might stand firm in the faith in the midst of the spiritual battles of life. 


Freedom Hills Ministries offers Christ centered counseling for couples and individuals.


We offer short-term, intensive counseling focused primarily towards helping married couples understand each other’s hearts. We use Biblical, Caring for the Heart concepts counseling material. This is helpful to identify and resolve personal and marital problems and issues.

We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God, the final authority. We teach Jesus Christ crucified, risen and coming again. To personally accept Him as Lord and Savior as the only means of salvation. 

The ministry is supported primarily by the voluntary contributions of concerned individuals and churches. We are grateful for the generous contributions of prayer, time and finances, which make it possible for those without the financial means to be able to come to Freedom Hills.

Freedom Hills Ministries is operated by a board of directors, consisting of a five-member executive board and larger advisory board. The facility is in Walnut Creek, Ohio, halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, in the heart of beautiful Holmes County, the home of the second largest Amish settlement in the world.

Our Goals

» To give couples an understanding of how a person’s heart works. and show them how to care about each other’s needs.

» To help those hurting emotionally from fear, anxiety and depression.

» To help individuals understand how to give and receive love as God designed them to.

» To re-establish relationships with parents, spouse, children, church and others.

» To give each individual love, encouragement, our prayers and a sense of belonging.

» To help one become aware of the spiritual warfare that is a reality in each of our lives and our need for a relationship with God.


The facility is in Walnut Creek, Ohio, halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, in the heart of beautiful Holmes County.


5510 TR 419

Sugarcreek, OH 44681

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