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What if I want to come, but my spouse is unwilling?

We have found it to be most effective if both husband and wife come together.


Can you help our teenage children?

Whenever we have inquiries concerning single children still living at home, we encourage the parents to come for a week. We take the parents through the program and explain how a person’s heart works on an emotional level. Our goal is to allow the Lord to build an emotional connection between the parents so they, in turn, can reach out to their children and help them with their struggles. We find that one of the greatest needs in the family and church as a whole today is a simple understanding of how the heart works, and why people do what they do.


Would we be expected to stay at the facility?

Most counselees choose to stay at Freedom Hills during their stay. Lodging and noon meals are provided. Provisions will need to be brought along for breakfast and evening meals. A laundry is available for client use.


How do I apply and how long do I need to stay?

If you are interested in coming to Freedom Hills, we will send you an application to fill out. Upon return of applications, we will contact you and schedule the earliest available opening we have suitable for you. We are not a long-term facility. Couples come for one week, Monday through Friday. Singles will be scheduled depending on the counselor and schedule availability. The amount of progress made in a person’s heart depends largely on how much they desire freedom from the strongholds in their lives. When someone comes to us against their will or with little motivation to face and work through situations, it makes it very hard to find lasting solutions.


How much does it cost to come to Freedom Hills?

We are a faith-based ministry financed by churches and individuals who believe in the ministry. We do not charge a fee, and nobody is turned away for financial reasons. Donations are accepted and appreciated.

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