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  • Lee Beachy

It Is Finished

Greetings from the middle of a hot July, a crazy mixed-up world of turmoil, racial questions, masks and social distancing. None the less, we are blessed. A reflection of time seems to indicate it’s been over seven years since I’ve written an article for this newsletter.

A few years ago, during worship time at our church, one of the songs mentioned Jesus saying, “It is finished.” I recall asking myself, “What is finished?” His life? His ministry? Time with His family and friends? These may each have been parts of it, but none of these would have given His death real purpose. Whatever “it” was, must have been the goal and plan that would make all the pain, suffering and tears worth it.

The question gripped me for the rest of the worship and right through what I’m sure was a good message (sorry John!) ☻ If you would, follow me and let’s look at it from a bit of a different perspective.

Why create us? After creating a beautiful earth and wonderful pairs of animals, God created someone He could connect with. Scripture repeatedly refers to Himself as the Bridegroom and we, Christians, as His bride. So, figuratively speaking, God created His bride, (Adam & Eve), and spent hours working, talking, sharing. They were pure and sinless and thus the relationship was very intimate.

But then something happened. The Bride was tempted and, being created with choice, chose badly. Sin had entered the marriage. That evening, a heartbroken God discovered His bride’s sin and He, being righteous, could not be with her. So a sad Groom wrote His law on her heart and withdrew from her. Basically He divorced us and for about 2,000 years, no more physical or emotional intimacy could happen.

In about 1996 B.C., a man named Abraham was born. Because of this man’s deep relationship with God, God’s heart was moved and He made a deal with His friend. “I also want to be closer with your children. I can’t be intimate with them, but if they sacrifice animals, mercy can be purchased. Then I can come closer to them and not destroy them.” So for another 200 years, Abraham’s children purchased mercy over and over, guaranteeing that God would stay close. At least the bride and Groom were talking, but no intimacy.

After another 2,000 years of this agreement, God did something truly amazing. He, the Groom, found a young virgin among His people and through His Spirit miraculously created a Son. Scripture says He was fully a son of the bride, mankind, and fully a son of the Groom, God. For 33 years the Son of man and God figuratively grew up in a dysfunctional marriage. He begged mankind, the bride, to repent and the Groom, Father God, for forgiveness and patience toward His bride.

But deep down inside, He knew His mission. He and He alone could bring His Mom & Dad together. But… it would cost His life. And so, with His heart full of love for both, He took the beatings and the shame and He allowed all the bride’s sins to be piled on His shoulders. With a bent, tired body, He headed to the cross. After the spikes were driven and the cross was upright, Jesus called out to Dad for strength, but in a heartbroken moment realized He had turned away. 4,000 years of His bride’s sins were on that cross and His Son’s humanity had to bear it all! But Jesus never waivered, never looked back. He looked upon the Bride and whispered, “It is finished.” He hung His head and died.

What was finished? The divorce!! He had paid the price. The earth shook and the veil was torn. Mom could be with Dad again!! The Groom and His bride could be intimate again!! This was more than mercy, this was grace! What a wonderful day!

Remember you are His bride. He redeemed you to a personal relationship with Father God. Be thankful and worship with me for this great gift.

Lee Beachy

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