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One Little Baby

What will happen on December 25th 2021? Strange question? Maybe, but let’s think about it. A lot of things will happen on December 25th, lets look at some examples. On December 25th there will be a number of people that will die from drug overdose, around 70,000 in the United States alone, for the year 2021 will leave this life due to overdosing on drugs. On December 25th men, women and children will be the victims of domestic violence. In the United States ten million domestic violence incidents will take place by the time 2021 ends. For those individuals December 25th will be just another hurtful day, another painful memory. On December 25th in the United States 7000 people will pass away due to old age, illness, accident or other causes. If each one of those deaths affects fifty people, 350,000 people will be grieving on December 25th. On December 25th 2021 around 36 million people will spend the day alone. No family, no friends, no church no one to help make December 25th anything but just another day.

What else will happen on December 25th? The morning of the 25th will dawn early for some of us. Excited children will make sure of that. Parents will hear footsteps pounding up and down hallways, cries of Merry Christmas will fill the air. A late Christmas Eve celebration, Christmas carols, cookies, candy and only a few hours sleep will not slow the younger generation. There are gifts to be opened, friends to play with, and special food to eat. Parents will catch the excitement and soon our homes will be buzzing with activity. We will laugh, play, and eat. We will receive and give gifts. For many of us this holiday was proceeded by a Thanksgiving Celebration and will be followed by another on New Years Day.

I love the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love Christmas music, caroling, Christmas cookies, and candy, turkey, pumpkin pie and all the social activity that comes with it. I don’t want to feel guilty or make anyone else feel guilty for what we have. We are blessed, lets rejoice in that blessing. I would like to ask a question. The question is why? Why us? Why not them? If none of the things in the first chapter affect you, why not? Even if we are grieving the loss of a loved one this Christmas, we do not grieve as those that have no hope. Many of the 350,000 that will grieve the loss of a loved one passing on Christmas day have no hope. Why do we have hope and they don’t? I pray that we know the answer to that question. Over 2000 years ago a little baby named Jesus came to earth. He is the reason that you and I can celebrate today. Not just celebrate the day He was born, but celebrate that His birth gave us new life. Celebrate that His death and resurrection gave us freedom and victory.

In a small town in a lowly stable God came down to the earth He created. He came down to give us the greatest gift ever given, He came down to live with us, feel like us, and talk to us. The world has never been the same. All the men and women of renown, all the famous people combined in the history of the world have not changed the world like that little baby. What influence has He had in your life?

In Psalms 9:1 King David makes this statement, “I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart, I will shew forth all thy marvelous works.

What marvelous work has God done in your life? In John 10:10 Jesus said that He came to give us abundant life. Do we have it? Are we showing it, are we telling others about the marvelous work God has done in our life, or are we taking credit for any of it.

December 25th 2021, Celebrate with family and friends. Celebrate like you have never celebrated before. You have received the greatest gift in the history of mankind. Enjoy every second, love your friends and family, hold them close. Enjoy the food the gifts the fellowship. Then for Jesus, the reason you can do all those things, do one more thing. Let’s together be like David in Psalms 9:1, lets show the marvelous work done in our lives, so that the rest of the world can have an abundant life also. Remember the little baby came for them to.

Merry Christmas!

We love you all!

Kevin and Carolyn

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